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template |ˈtemplət|
a shaped piece of metal, wood, card, plastic, or other material used as a pattern for
processes such as painting, cutting out, shaping, or drilling.

Over the past 15 years, God’s Plumbline Ministries has successfully developed a template that is transferable for use in developing Nations. Our template provides a framework for people to become independent and provide for their immediate and extended family. It also provides the ability, if needed, to continue sustained growth through many forms of Artisan trade work, farming, fish farming, as well as sewing. The women in the sewing school are taught to read, write, shop for fabric and sew.

We also teach life skills through the management of their business account, to save for rent, and to pay for their children’s school and uniforms.  For many this is the first time they can afford  three meals a day for their whole family. This also allows them to purchase their own treadle sewing machine. They have successfully become independent entrepreneurs. They are given the ability to not rely on others to take care of themselves and their children, thus eliminating the need to give their children away and keeping their family intact.

Over the years we have had the chance to bring this template into Africa, Asia, South America and India. We have created a network within these countries to facilitate and expand our vision of lasting change and hope.

Important Questions:

Q. Is there a market for what you want to do?

Q. Referring to the locals, do “they” know there is a problem?

Q. Whose problem is it?

Q. Do they want to solve the problem?

Q. Will it be short-term or long-term solution?

Q. Can you show them a solution?

Q. Do they believe you can show them?

Maybe the problem for them is just simply finding provision for the day and not looking forward into the next weeks, months or years.

When we talk about a template, we are in no way saying we have all the answers.  We are however saying over a period of time we have identified key patterns to help in the over all development of a program.  As a family, we worked together with the help, love and support of many to establish a foundation that can be built upon. Not just built upon by our family, but by many for years to come.

If you begin by looking at the core needs of each person and their family, no matter what country they are in, you will find that we are all have the same basic needs.  God’s Plumbline Ministries took the pattern outlined below and started laying a foundation in the lives of the women in Haiti via a sewing school.  Over time, one machine has grown into other programs in order to provide long-term solutions to the many layers of issues facing not only the women of Haiti but, women and families across the world.

We must look at the whole picture, keeping families intact.  We are not looking for short-term “band aid” solutions. In keeping with the theme of the template, you must explore all the options with in a country, working within the culture and tradition to empower, rebuild and restore each community.

Below you will find a simple outline of the many areas needed to be addressed. We have a much more in depth guide that will include how we do these things, along with pictures and stories in the different countries we have worked in.




Establishing a Foundation






Life Skills & Education






Where To Start










Whos Running The Show